Who is Woolly Shell?

Welcome to the woolly world of Shell!  Although my given name is Michelle, family and friends quickly switched to “Shell” which worked well with my love of all things wild and natural. Which leads us on to the Woolly….coming from Scotland, working with wool reminds me of my homeland with sheep on every hill. I love using wool and natural based textiles like cotton, as I find them versatile, tactile, creative and expressive in colour! Other women have shoe addictions, I have fabric… ok and maybe shoes too 😋 

Our values

 I have always sewn, crocheted and been a creator at heart and I love working with textiles and natural based materials.  The fabric selection in our store is inspired by all things natural and the great outdoors. This is a great passion of mine and my first career as a Biologist.  My love of nature and conservation creeps into all areas of my life.  I started to see that so many others out there share my love for nature and sewing and I wanted to curate a collection of high quality fabrics for you all. I then realized how much I love to find beautiful unique fabrics to share with others and pass on the joy!

Where did Woolly Shell start?

The Woolly Shell Etsy store opened in 2018 when most products were woollen items.  As I am always looking to help others, I started making headwear (ear-saving headbands and scrub caps) for staff in local hospitals who were requesting them during the outbreak of Coronavirus. I ended up using all of the material I had at home and demand kept coming! So I started to buy fabric to make the scrub caps and in doing so was able to source the highest quality fabrics with beautiful prints!

With the arrival of our second daughter during the Coronavirus pandemic, producing headwear and opening the Woolly Shell fabric store has given us a great focus together as a family.  Our products and fabric are selected and created from the heart.